A quality, carefully selected custom frame enhances both the picture within and the room in which it hangs.  Our commitment to provide excellence in picture framing to our customers can be summarized in four key elements: Quality, Value, Wide Selection, and Fast Turnaround.

Quality – We obtain our framing moldings and other materials only from established, reputable suppliers; we don’t search the Web for bargains from unknown vendors.  Then we do all the cutting, joining and assembly in-house, using professional grade equipment and dedicated employees.  Some retail framers have limited in-house capabilities and must outsource the frame chopping and joining – they only do the final assembly in-house.  We believe we get a better fit and higher quality when we do the work ourselves.

Value – Our framing is priced lower than average retail frame shop.  There are two reasons for this: our costs are lower and our volume is higher, so we pass the savings on to you.  We enjoy a cost advantage over our competitors because a) we are located in an industrial park, not a fancy mall, so our rent is much lower than other framers; b) all our employees are production workers – we don’t pay someone just to hang around and greet customers; and c) we buy the framing stock at a discount, by the length instead of having it cut and joined by some other company that has not even seen your artwork.

The second main reason we provide lower prices is that many of our customers are professional artists; they get reseller pricing on our frames, and so do you! (Note: Additional discounts available on volume orders – ask for details.)

Wide Selection – We represent the best quality frame molding vendors, including AMPF, Bella, Complete Framers Supply, Roma, Decor, Direct, AMCI and others.  We carry over 500 molding samples, as well as hundreds of mats, fillets and liners.  We also feature a full line of Tru-Vue glass and plexi, to suit your preferences and budget. We can also build custom framed mirriors.

Fast Turnaround – Most of our framing jobs are completed in 5-10 days, not 2-4 weeks!  Our suppliers deliver full-length moldings weekly; we do the cutting and joining in house, so the jobs get done fast.  Some retail framers must order the frames already cut to size, or even joined into a partially assembled frame—this can add 1-2 weeks to a framing job (as well as significantly increase their cost). 



Please call us for more information regarding our framing options. Toll Free 877-404-0002


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